Prenatal Support

I vow to hold space so that each woman can fully embrace her experience in this transitional time into motherhood.

Prenatal appointments to establish a relationship, offering guidance on birth plan, exploring comfort measures, and answering any questions about the process.

Offer non-clinical comfort measures and continuous emotional support.

Don’t want to commit to full birth doula support, but have questions and would like a consultation for some emotional support? Let’s connect!” This is an offering/opportunity where a mama to be can ask questions about the birthing process, what to expect, unpack any fears, discuss comfort measures, etc.

Consultation (2hrs) Investment – $120

Prenatal Yoga

This private class is designed to provide pregnant people with a safe container to connect with their changing bodies, breath and mind space to support their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey! We encourage the mother to be to tap into her innate wisdom, connect with the breath, and deepen her trust in the body through body positive postures that help strengthen, open and relax the body and meet mama where she is at in her pregnancy. These classes can be held in home or at a location within the community! 

Prenatal Yoga – $30/hr

Discounted group prices for 4+ participants – message for details for group offerings.